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Screw Machine Product Company

About Cox Manufacturing

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Building the company a customer can turn to

Being a screw machine company, Cox Manufacturing understands the frustration customers feel when they reach into a parts bin and come up empty handed. That’s why our watchword is Cox Delivers Confidence. We provide screw machine components so reliably that a single call to Cox can be trusted to make component shortages a thing of the past.

A growing plant

This philosophy led from a small shop with one Swiss automatic screw machine in 1956 to the Cox of today, equipped with a full complement of precision Swiss CNC lathes, multi-spindle cam automatics, CNC milling centers and an extensive in-house tooling facility, all under the control of an Esprit CAD/CAM system.

Services We Provide

Advantages: pride and proximity

Technology is only one way of delivering the trust we’ve built over 50+ years.  Cox expertise is equally important to spot and solve manufacturability challenges that create bottlenecks, and for design partnerships that fine tune an existing component to boost production speed and cut unit cost.

Another cost-cutting partnership springs from our geographic position along the productivity pipeline between the US and Mexico. Cox is a logistically ideal source for precision machining tasks that are beyond the scope of Mexico suppliers. We can also manage an entire production process in-house, or through partnerships with Mexico affiliates. The result is world class savings without the logistics worries, freight costs and intellectual property losses third world sourcing can bring.

Trusted for generations

This “one call does it all” commitment is a long-standing Cox tradition, established by company founder William Cox, Sr.  The standard has been strengthened and expanded by the founder’s son and current President Bill Cox, a highly respected authority in the custom machining industry. Our proud heritage as a family operated company is a big reason customers have come to rely on us for trustworthy, consistent performance. This is a legacy we plan to strengthen and build upon for many years to come.

More about Cox Manufacturing:

Cox Manufacturing Vision Statement

"Our Vision is to provide premier, small part production machining services to our customers while providing a high Quality of Life for our employees and being a positive influence for Christ."

Quality Policy

"We are committed to enlisting the full support of all employees to continuously improve our processes and enhance quality, thereby fulfilling our customer's needs with defect free products and services, on time and every time."

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