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Internships and the Story of Success

In Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller, “Outliers,” Gladwell explores the “story of success” through an exhaustive study of exceptional achievers. He reveals recurring themes that catapulted these rare careers to a level of success unique among their peers. Gladwell highlights that such success occurs when talent intersects opportunity and when that opportunity provides the 10,000 hours of experience required to develop “mastery” in a given field. This finding is observed in athletes who gained extended game time at an early age, musicians who gained early professional exposure, and technology leaders who accessed technology at a young age. 


EMO Hannover Machine Tool Show

Every two years the world’s largest machine tool show, EMO, is held in Europe. This year’s show was in Hannover and will truly go down as a huge success for the industry. 


Impact of Japanese Earthquake on the Turned Parts Industry

Returning from the Precision Machined Products Association’s National Technical Conference in Columbus, Ohio, I am left with a strong impression that there has been minimal US impact from the Japanese Earthquake on our turned parts industry (screw machine products) to date. Talking with numerous Japanese importer and imports of machines utilizing key components made in Japan, I found repeated statements that supplies have not caused disruption. In fact some reports actually suggest that delivery dates have moved forward on US machine tool orders from Japan with a reduced Japanese domestic order slump sighted as a possible explanation.


Report from PMPA Tech Conference and PMTS: All Companies Reporting Business Rebounding and Technology Shifting in the Turned Parts Industry

Reflecting on the some major themes evident underway in the Turned Parts (screw machine products) industry, there is no question that surviving companies are reinvesting in their future but not investing in the same old technology. While machine tool builders of CNC machines are backlogged with customers waiting for delivery, the last surviving US screw machine builder of cam machines, Davenport Machine, has not sold a single machine this year. Fortunately for them, their repair parts sales are robust and generating strong revenue.