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Davenport Multi-Spindle Screw Machine

A closer look at one of Cox Mfg key departments.

Davenport ToolingThe Davenport Automatic Screw Machine has been recognized as the right solution for an endless variety of high volume turned parts produced from bar stock.

Davenport Multi-Spindle Products Serve:

Our five Davenport multi-spindle screw machines are generally used to produce products from bar stock ranging from 1/16" to " in diameter and materials ranging from brass and aluminum to cold drawn steels and even plastics. Being a multiple spindle screw machine, their production volume applications tend to be for runs of at least 10,000 pieces to warrant the multi-spindle setup.

Davenport MachineA wide diversity of specialty attachments are available for these machines and can often allow for the production of a very complex parts at very high speeds. Over the years the basic design of the multi-spindle screw machines has not really changed, but the tooling applied to the machines, with quick change holders and high performance tools, has driven their productivity to new levels.

Cox Manufacturing Company has also developed a propriety PLC process control interface that has proven to yield both better quality and greater efficiency. We have been utilizing these machines for turned parts solutions for production of many millions of parts.

We have the extensive experience required to know when these machines are the right solution for a customer's screw machine product requirements.

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