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Brass Machining Services

brass machining serviceCox has been making precision turned brass components since the late 1950's.

Few materials are easier to machine than brass, so smart brass component buyers choose their brass parts supplier by using a simple decisive factor: who can I trust to deliver the machined brass products I need precisely when I want them?

Brass Machining Characteristics

  • Tolerances for a 1/2" Dia. Bar of +/-.0015
  • Material Cost Factor of 2.5
  • Machining Cost Factor of .6
  • Alloy: CDA 360

Advantages of Brass Screw Machine Parts

Brass machining parts have several key advantages compared to machining other materials. Brass turned parts and components are durable, cost-efficient, and even create a tighter seal for fittings. In addition, brass machining and turning parts have a high heat and corrosion resistance! More importantly, Cox Manufacturing's brass screw machine parts are easy to machine and join, and made to your specifications and standards!

Brass Machining Applications

Brass machining is used in a wide variety of applications and industries, including medical, electrical, plumbing, and even consumer goods. Companies prefer small brass turned parts and components because it's one of the easiest materials to machine, it's cost efficient, and extrememly durable. Machined brass fittings are often used in electronic hardware because of its low stregnth and weight properties. Additional brass machining applications include engineering and plumbling & steam work because machined brass fittings have a low friction coefficient and high corrosion resistant properties. Cox Manufacturing understands all industries and application specifications and standards, which is why we're the premier brass parts manufacturer.

Common Machined Brass Parts:

  • Pipe Fittings
  • Flare Fittings
  • Brass Gears
  • Compression Fittings
  • Bulkhead Fittings
  • Bearings
  • Swivel Fittings
  • Grunner Fittings
  • Worm Gears
  • Musical Instruments
  • Compression Orifice
  • And many more custom brass parts

Why Choose Cox for Machined Brass Components?

  • Supply reliability - Whether it takes a stocking plan, KanBan or consignment program, Cox delivers to suit your schedule. Backup inventories can be created to respond to fluctuations in production demand
  • Cost savings - Cox can perform several operations simultaneously by utilizing equipment options in Swiss machining, multi-spindle machining and CNC turning, producing precision turned brass components at a fraction of the traditional cost.
  • Manufacturability help - The experienced staff at Cox carefully examines each new project to spot design amendments that lead to improved brass screw machine parts, material savings and faster turnaround times

Improve your supply chain reliability at no obligation by contacting us with details on your next brass screw machining project.

Learn more about the material options available at Cox by choosing from the menu below. For in-depth materials data to support an engineering or product development project, consult our materials guide.