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Screw Machine Products Video

Davenport 5 Spindle Automatic Demonstration

Screw machine product video of a Davenport 5 spindle automatic demonstrating production of typical screw machine product.

Video Transcript

Indroducing a 5 Sprindle Davenport Automatic demonstrating production of a typical screw machine product. The part is an electronic component which we will view in each step of the manufacturing process.

Raw material is 5/16 diameter stock and 12 foot lengths. The machine will be working with five bars simultaneously.  This Davenport machine is retrofitted with our proprietary PLC control. Starting a new part in the first position, we center drill. Second position, we rough form and phase. Third position is shaving to size. Fourth position knurling and drilling. Fifth position saw cutoff and pick off for free. Complete part comes down the part chute. And quality control is assured with rigid inspection procedures, mandatory documentation, and thorough operator training.