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Screw Machine Products Video

Tornos Deco 12 Axis CNC Machine

Video of screw machine products manufactured by a Tornos Deco 12 Axis CNC, the most advanced bar automatic in the world. The Tornos Deco 12 Axis CNC is start of the art and products the highest quality parts ad demonstrated in this video.

Video Transcript

The Tornos Deco 2000 is a state of the art 12 Axis Swiss CNC. We will be reviewing processing a component made from ½ inch square brass and twelve foot bar length.

The Tornos Deco, built in Switzerland, is the most advanced bar automatic in the world. With this machine’s unique ability to simultaneously control 12 axes of motion for optimized production cycle times, we are able to produce very complex components in unprecedented cycle times.

Viewed here is a part which previously required five production setups. Today we produced this component complete in one process and ran the machine unmanned through the night.

Our Decos are tooled with more live tooling than any other machines. This gives us the unique advantage of milling and cross drilling parts not even thought of as a termed product.

The Deco CNCs compliment Cox Manufacturing’s capability to produce very complex parts in high quantities and assure high quality production.