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Screw Machine Products Video

Tsugami BS-18, 5 Axis CNC Swiss Machine

Video of screw machine products manufactured by a Tsugami swiss turn BS-18, 5 Axis CNC Swiss. This video demonstrates the machining of a simple brass valve.

Video Transcript

Introducing the Tsugami Swiss Turn BS-18 5 Axis CNC Swiss demonstrating production of a simple brass valve body. Starting here with ½ inch pegs, 12 foot rods, the BS-18 is a high-quality Japanese made swiss-type CNC. We utilize IEMCA Italian-built bar loaders for enhanced productivity and quality.

First, we’ll turn the thread band. Then, we’ll thread roll. Now, drilling. Then capping. Now, cross drilling two holes, 120 degrees apart, coming back and cross tapping those two holes. Now picking the part off with a subsequential during cutoff should then bring the part to a counter-sync tool to finish the back.

And of course, the job is not done until the quality is documented.