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Screw Machine Products Video

Cox Manufacturing Overview

Video overview of screw machine products manufacturer Cox Manufacturing.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’d like to introduce you to Cox Manufacturing, who specializes in producing precision machine parts. Customers in America’s most demanding industries turn to Cox Manufacturing, because we are considered an industry leader in precision machining custom parts. Located in San Antonio, Texas for over 50 years, Cox Manufacturing is privately owned and a financially stable company. It has weathered numerous economic downturns in the past and will be here for the future. Cox delivers confidence.

From a single swiss automatic screw machine in 1956, the Cox inventory of precision machining equipment has grown to an impressive array of metal cutting technology. Our CNC swiss and fixed-headstock machines with live tooling and attachments have mill turn capabilities from 5 to 12 axes. We are the only shop in our region to offer 12 axis machines. We are experts in micro-miniature machining all the way up to 2 inches in diameter from bar stock.

It is our engineering expertise and operating advanced machining centers that give us the competitive edge and a unique capability. We have combined state of the art technology with lean manufacturing philosophy to provide quality machine parts for our customers.

Manufacturing precision parts to a high-quality standard requires a stringent process control. Process engineering is the key to world-class manufacturing capabilities. Our team members are dedicated to continuous improvement in every aspect of our business from sales to process engineering to on-time deliver.

As part of our continuing education program, we have a Certified Machine Technician Apprenticeship program, that is registered by the United States Department of Labor. This ensures that our workforce is ready for tomorrow’s technical challenges. Cox Manufacturing practices quality principles as champions by Dr. Edwards Deming of the W. Edwards Deming Institute.

With over 50 years of customer/supplier achievement awards, Cox Manufacturing is always at the forefront of advanced manufacturing. The quality system of Cox Manufacturing is ISO-9001 2000 certified. We manufacture millions of parts each month by operating 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with lights-out manufacturing on the weekends to meet the requirements of our customers.

We can support Kanban delivery requirements. We ship coast to coast across the United States and internationally for customers’ convenience. You can be sure that when you place your order with Cox, it will be done right, at a competitive price, and finished according to your schedule.  Let’s get started. Call Cox Manufacturing today.