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Cox Manufacturing is a Growing Company with a Shrinking Waistline

JANUARY 10, 2013

Improving employee health and productivity with "Workplace Wellness"

"High precision custom parts" is the name of the game at Cox Mfg. Every year Cox produces millions of components for use in everything from the aerospace industry to medical devices to firearms.

Now, the people who make the products have better tools to take care of themselves. The company President & CEO is investing in a "Workplace Wellness Program", by partnering with the wellness outreach team of Baptist Healthy Solutions in San Antonio.

"In this country we really don't have a healthcare crisis. We have a health crisis", said Cox President & CEO Bill Cox. "It's a lifestyle crisis. When I look around us, we all have a problem where we're not taking care of ourselves like we should".

Baptist personnel make regular on site visits to Cox to screen employees for common health risks helping folks keep track of their strides and progress in many areas of personal health. Employees participate in "biometric screenings", measuring key statistics from height & weight to Body Mass Index and cholesterol. The frequent tracking breeds healthy changes.

As part of a 12 week weight loss contest, Cox employees competed on 2 man teams to see who could lose the biggest percentage of body weight. Almost a third of the Cox workforce participated, losing over 400 lbs.

Bill Cox says he feels his investment in Baptist Health Solutions is already paying off. "It's really exceeded for my expectations", said Cox. "They just have a gift for engaging the people. That's really what's made the difference"

Cox is a growing company, but the people here have shrinking waistlines, thanks to this progressive "Workplace Wellness Program", and a lot of determination.

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