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Seven Decades and Still Growing

Seven Decades and Still Growing

San Antonio Manufacturers Association highlights Cox Manufacturing's longevity in their 1st Quarter Issue of 2017.

Quietly celebrated 60 years in business, Cox Manufacturing Company is much like many of our San Antonio manufacturers that quietly provide their products and stable jobs without any fanfare. The truth is that some of these companies have a long history of providing a vital part of our local and national economy and like Cox, are not seen for the vital role they play.

Spanning across seven decades now, Cox has been an integral part of the lives of many, without them even knowing. In 1956 Cox started with Swiss machines built for the watch industry and tooled them to become the prominent US supplier of bobbins used in computer core memory. Everybody from NASA to IBM were using these, when Cox began supplying key precision mechanical components to the first personal computer – the San Antonio grown Datapoint product.

Beyond making thousands and thousands of printer and disk drive parts for Datapoint, Cox has had a history of supplying precision components to numerous industries over the decades. Many have been an integral part of American life, whether people realize it or not. Rifles and shotguns on Walmart and Academy shelves include components from Cox. Numerous automobile models have had parts in the windows, cruise controls, steering column locks, clocks, transmissions, and other little components supplied across the decades. Today, Cox produces well over 1 million parts every week and shipped coast to coast, and some overseas. Their parts are in airplanes, surgical instruments, medical devices, missiles, truck trailer odometers, tire inflation systems, and even millions of cattle ID tags.

Today, Cox is in the mist of yet another expansion, having now acquired additional acreage adjoining their 1604 property. With a total of seven acres now, Cox just finished a 2000 sq. ft. addition and has another 6,000 sq. ft. permitted and under contract. Cox sees a robust future for US manufacturing and sees huge opportunity for companies that put together the right technology, the right team, and the right culture. Cox would also have to say SAMA has been an integral part of realizing that success.

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