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Why Cox Mfg Loves Construction - And You Should Too

Why Cox Mfg Loves Construction - And You Should Too

Cox Manufacturing is still growing in order to meet customers' needs with the addition of a new material warehouse, as well as other projects that will soon be underway.

Cox Manufacturing Company's humble beginnings would be amazed to see the growth that has occurred since its relocation to Loop 1604 in 1980. What began as one 18,000 sq. ft. lot will soon become a total of 69K sq. ft. of building, with another 74K sq. ft. of parking space. In addition to space, utility projects are underway to better enhance process control and employee comfort.

One current construction project is a 6,000 sq. ft. raw material warehouse. Ground was first broken in December of 2016 and the warehouse is expected to be completed by mid-May of 2017.

Construction Progress

This warehouse will house all of the Company’s raw barstock in one central location between the two production buildings. This signifies an increase in space in the production buildings for more machines and quality control tools.

Utilities are also being improved. Cox Manufacturing’s 27K sq. ft. main production building was recently upgraded with full insulation, providing air conditioning for the comfort of the Company’s approximately 150 employees while increasing quality process control. In addition, Cox Manufacturing will begin a new utility project in conjunction with the City of San Antonio to increase fire suppression capacity.

What does this mean for the existing and potential customers? Cox Manufacturing will continue to grow upward and outward, as it has done for the past 60 years. The Company will progress with the newest machining and manufacturing technologies and grow to better meet the complex needs of their clients. Above all, it means that customers can expect Cox Manufacturing to continue to uphold its three core values: Teamwork, Perseverance, and Continuous Improvement.

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