• Cox Mfg Featured by Production Machining

Cox Mfg Featured by Production Machining

Cox Mfg Featured by Production Machining

Production Machining featured Cox Mfg's standardization and apprenticeship program.

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"As machine shops grow, they face a decision: should they add more capacity to their current capabilities or expand by adding new capabilities? San Antonio-based Cox Manufacturing chose the former, focusing on high volumes of small parts made from barstock. But the company takes this decision to standardize beyond the types of parts it makes—it extends to its equipment and its apprenticeship program. The company believes this strategy has been vital to its growth, which includes the addition of 100 employees over the past 10 years.



William Cox Sr. founded Cox Manufacturing in 1956 with one Swiss automatic screw machine. Today, the founder’s son, Bill Cox, leads the company. Its 170 employees work three shifts, running about 100 machines to produce more than 1 million parts each week. The parts are for a range of industries, including agriculture, medical, fiber optics, firearms, automotive, trucking and aerospace. Despite the different end uses, all parts are 2¾ inches or smaller and made from barstock. “Our niche is production automatic bar products,” Mr. Cox says.

The company has intentionally chosen to focus on this niche as a part of its business plan. According to Mr. Cox, when shops diversify their capabilities too much, the variety can weaken the organization’s overall strength. “We want depth to serve our customers so we can take a program and move it back and forth, or tooling and move it around,” he says. “That’s just a core strategy.”"


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