• Cox Mfg Provides A "Weekend to Remember" For Employees

Cox Mfg Provides A "Weekend to Remember" For Employees

Cox Mfg Provides A "Weekend to Remember" For Employees

Cox Manufacturing sponsored employee participation in FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember.

The two-and-a-half day getaway weekend is a time to be together to invest in and strengthen the foundation of a couple's marriage, no matter how firm or fragile it is. By getting away from the distractions of life, people can fortify their most important relationship and work toward building wonderful memories together. At the Weekend to Remember getaway, couples receive biblically centered, marriage-changing principles with interactive activities to take home and apply to daily life in order to strengthen marriage.



Every year, Bill Cox provides a special discount for his employees to attend. He generously sponsors half the cost of first-time guests' registration and hotel and half the cost of one night's stay for returning guests. 

First-time attendees and recently married couple Jacob and Victoria, both Cox employees, attended FamilyLife's event this past weekend in order to learn more about how they could strengthen their marriage. This is what they had to say about the getaway:


“The Weekend to Remember was a great chance to get away with my husband and strengthen our marriage. The 3-day event consisted of large group seminars with interactive activities for my spouse and I to do together. We enjoyed the biblically centered teachings about communication, conflict resolution, finances, and many other areas of a relationship. Cox Manufacturing gives a discount to all employees who attend which includes half the cost of registration and half the cost of the hotel stay. Without the discount provided by Cox Manufacturing, we wouldn’t typically attend an event like this, so we really appreciate the opportunity! I recommend every couple, no matter what age or stage of their relationship, attends the Weekend to Remember.”


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