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Dream Bigger, Go Further: Cox Presents with Workforce Solutions

Dream Bigger, Go Further: Cox Presents with Workforce Solutions

Training Coordinator Sean Althaus presented at the 2019 Career Pathways Summit.

Training coordinator Sean Althaus presented at the 2019 Career Pathways Summit to educate approximately 400 Bexar County junior and senior high school students on manufacturing as a career. The four in-demand industries that were covered in this year's summit are Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Construction, and Information Technology. 

Sean Althaus explained that, while many high schoolers are well aware of college and the military as post-high school routes, not many are informed about a third: skilled trade, which generally offers a competitive wage without the debt load of a four-year degree. He told his own personal story, detailing his experiences trying to attend college, then joining the military, and then finally getting a job with and being the first person to graduate the apprenticeship program at Cox Manufacturing Company. Many current employees of all ages share the same story.



Cox has been recognized in the media as being progressive in providing a future for the younger generation; the apprentice program is especially friendly to high school graduates with little or no experience. Cox allows for young adults to learn a valuable and transferable trade skill while earning a living wage and receiving full benefits.

Manufacturers like Cox have many aging employees that are beginning to retire and finding and training new, dependable workers can be a challenge. Working with organizations such as Alamo Workforce Solutions can help fill these in-demand positions, and will hopefully bring more young adults to companies like Cox Manufacturing.

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