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Why Choose Swiss Screw Machining?

Why Choose Swiss Screw Machining?

Learn about some benefits of CNC Swiss Screw Machining.

Today’s CNC Swiss screw machines combine the capabilities of two lathes and a mill into an efficient, versatile, and flexible platform, often with faster and more precise cycling than conventional CNC lathes. 


Originally, Swiss screw machines produced tiny, finely machined parts for the watch industry exclusively. Today, these machines offer Swiss class precision machining for almost every industry at diameters up to 32mm or 1 ¼” bar work.  


Modern CNC Swiss screw machines offer efficient, versatile, and precise solutions. As a result, over the last twenty-five years, an increasing number of production machine companies have moved away from single and multi-spindle machines, as well as CNC lathe platforms. 


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