Acme Screw Machines

An industry classic

Acme Screw Machines have long been a production workhorse in the turned parts industry. These four, six, and eight spindle machines have a reputation for a being highly reliable and highly productive. The American designed Acme multiple spindle screw machine and its rugged efficient configuration was so highly regarded that an Asian version was built by Mitsubishi, and a European version was manufactured by BSA.


With these machines being used around the world, a multitude of special attachments and tools have been developed over the years, enabling them to produce products for virtually every industry, ranging from electronics and defense to medical and aerospace. Generally, these machines are reserved for high volume production runs for optimum utilization. Requiring extensive tooling, they do not lend themselves to short runs but truly excel when high output is needed.


They are well suited for materials ranging from brass and aluminum to stainless steels and titanium. The 6-spindle machines are the most common but 8-spindle machines can be beneficial for the most complex designs in high volume. Bar capacity in the Acme family ranges from small 7/16" model machines up to large 8" bar machines. Cox Mfg previously had the capacity for Acme Screw Machine Products up to 1 ¼" maximum bar diameter, but has since retired Acme machinery in preference of newer CNC models.


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