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Our medical parts precision machining service offers our clients confidence in the products they receive. Confidence is a uniquely meaningful term if you are a designer or manufacturer of medical devices. The Cox name is a byword in medical manufacturing. Thanks to our trusted reputation for meeting exceptional requirements for intricate and highly complex components, we deliver the supply reliability our medical customers can’t live without.

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Cox Manufacturing Company is proud to contribute our machining expertise as an essential business. Along with the numerous custom parts we machine for the medical industry, we are also the chosen supplier of a critical valve component used in respiratory ventilators around the world.

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A key to our success comes from resources that exceed the expectations of healthcare customers:

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Behind it all is a knowledgeable, responsive staff of people, and a quality heritage born when quality was a matter of pride as well as metrics. We fully share our customers’ perspective: when lives depend upon it, nothing but a total commitment to excellence will do.

To sample this commitment firsthand, contact us to discuss your next medical machining project with a Cox Manufacturing specialist.

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