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Firearm parts manufacturers recognize that Cox Manufacturing always hits the mark when producing large quantities of parts that are reliable, on-time, and cost efficient. Our high volume firearm machining expertise includes firearm components that are confidently delivered to the precise specifications the industry requires.  

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high volume firearm machining

To read more about Cox Mfg's involvement in manufacturing these rimfire firing pin indent copper crushers, click here.

High Volume Firearm Machining Advantages

Cox Manufacturing remains a hit with professionals in the firearms industry due to our full arsenal of CNC Firearm machining capabilities:

  • Deep experience complying with documentation and certification requirements, such as DFARS material source standards and compliance with ITAR controls
  • The exceptional precision of CNC Swiss machining, multi-spindle cam automatics, and CNC turning centers
  • An Esprit CAD/CAM system to precisely produce the most elaborate geometries (complete equipment list)
  • The ability to machine materials other manufacturers won't, including copper, plastics and exotic alloys that meet the special requirements of advanced weapons systems

In an industry where parts are made only of the highest caliber, Cox takes pride in remaining in the sights of pacesetters in the firearm industry as a high volume firearm parts manufacturer.

Common Materials Machined for the Firearms Industry

Common Materials Machined for the Firearms Industry

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