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Not all STEM degrees are equal

A recent report has come out citing statistics that would make one believe we do not have a deficiency in STEM - science, technology, engineering and math - education. It appears we have an overabundance of STEM graduates who are not finding jobs related to their degrees.

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Cox Manufacturing is a Growing Company with a Shrinking Waistline

The people who make the products now have better tools to take care of themselves. The company President & CEO is investing in a "Workplace Wellness Program", by partnering with the wellness outreach team of Baptist Healthy Solutions in San Antonio.

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Cox Manufacturing is a "Texas Treasure"

Read more about Texas awarding Cox Manufacturing with the Texas Treasure Business Award for Exceptional Historical Contributions toward the Economic Growth & Prosperity of Texas.

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Internships and the Story of Success

In bestseller “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell explores the “story of success” through a study of exceptional achievers & reveals recurring themes for success. Learn More!

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EMO Hannover Machine Tool Show

Every two years the world’s largest machine tool show, EMO, is held in Europe. This year’s show was in Hannover and will truly go down as a huge success for the industry.

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Impact of Japanese Earthquake on the Turned Parts Industry

Read Cox's impression of the impact of the Japanese Earthquake on the US turned parts industry from the Precision Machined Products Association’s National Technical Conference.

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